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Meet our Team

Seymour Levine

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Seymour Levine, Owner Seymour has been performing home inspections for over 15 years.  Very frequently during his home inspections, Seymour would discover mold in attics, basements and crawlspaces.  When buyers and sellers could not find anyone to mitigate the mold, the deal would fall apart.  Seymour decided to get certified in Mold Remediation and Radon Mitigation.  He now specializes in both Mold and Radon and is the President of The Mitigator, a full service mold, radon and restoration business that he created in 2012. 

Russ Heiges

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Russ Heiges, Certified Inspector Russ has been doing home inspections since 2009. He is our veteran inspector and training coordinator.  Russ is frequently requested by realtors for their first time home buyers. As a father and grandfather, Russ treats new buyers like his own family and teaches them how to maintain their first home.  Russ starts each day bright and early at his Dillsburg farm home feeding all the animals. Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings are dedicated time out for serving the lord at Christ Community Church in Camp Hill.  

Brad and Adam Watson

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Brad and Adam Watson, Certified Inspectors, Father/Son Inspection Team Brad and Adam are our father and son dynamic duo.  They have been doing inspections together since 2014.  They work and play together.  When they are not performing an inspection, you can find them somewhere outdoors. Brad lives next to the Yellow Breeches Creek and Adam lives next to the Conodoguinet Creek. They both enjoy kayaking, hiking and taking their dogs to the creek to play.  Brad takes his dog Cleo on several walks every day.   

Tiffany Levine

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Tiffany Levine, Sales and Marketing Manager

Pam Schaffner

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Pam Schaffner, Office and Computer Operations Manager Pam has a wide range of activities to include managing the computer operations and the inspection software.  Cyber security is her specialty and her priority is ensuring that your data remains private and your payments are secure.   

Tiffany Sheely-Diaz

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Tiffany Sheely- Diaz, Executive Secretary The newest addition to SeeMore Home Inspections, Tiffany Diaz is often confused as her namesake, Tiffany Levine. Tiffany Diaz joined our staff in 2017 and is responsible for coordinating the inspections for the customer with the inspector and with the realtors and sellers.  She prepares the inspection contracts, invoices and emails that are sent to the buyer and their realtor.